Shake Russell and Michael Hearne


Michael Hearne & Shake Russell have spent the past three decades packing dance halls and listening rooms across Texas, the southwest and beyond. Most of this was done separately however, as the duo only began performing together a few years ago. A native Dallas Texan, Michael Hearne has had a phenomenal career not only as a solo act and with his band South by Southwest, but as a key member of Michael Martin Murphey’s band in the 1980’s. Hearne began his career at a young age, performing both solo and with friends across the Southwest, calling Taos, New Mexico home for many years. Now living near Austin, Hearne is one of the most respected pickers around and has penned songs for artists such as Jerry Jeff Walker, Gary P. Nunn and Johnny Rodriguez. Missouri-born Shake Russell has been a fixture of the singer-songwriter movement since the 1970s as well. At that time, he relocated to Austin, Texas and became known for his unique brand of Americana style folk-rock. Russell is a two-time recipient of the BMI “Million Air” award for Clint Black’s recordings of “Put Yourself in My Shoes” and “One More Payment,” both of which he co-wrote with Black, and a four-time recipient of the BMI Writer’s Award. His songs have been covered by Waylon Jennings (“Deep in the West”) and Ricky Skaggs (“You’ve Got a Lover”) among many others. Don’t miss the MusicFest debut of these two incredible musicians, they are sure to have some stories to tell!