Professional Development for Teachers

Thursday, June, 7

9am – 4pm Brenda Freed teaches:    

Photo by Steve Wood

Photo by Steve Wood

  • Effortless Singing Techniques
  • Group Singing
  • Individual Coaching for Volunteer Participants
  • Effortless Harmony Singing
  • Mic Technique
  • Performance Opportunity

Brenda will be covering the belly breath and how to use it in combination with the "smile lip pucker lift" to increase vocal range and stamina, improve pitch and tone, safely project the voice and avoid getting hoarse. She will also cover the basics of vocal harmony.  Bring songs you'd like to learn to sing better or songs on which you’d like help with harmony. This workshop is experiential, fun and useful for beginners and pros.  Handouts and product will be available for ongoing practice and study. 

About Brenda Freed: Brenda Freed has been teaching voice, piano and guitar privately for over 25 years, specializing in voice workshops at festivals and conferences in the U.S., Canada, Girl Guitar in Austin and through the Fredericksburg I.S.D. Community Education Program.  Brenda pioneered the Music Therapy Program at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  Her background in Music Therapy (MA Music Therapy/Music Ed. from University of Iowa) brings a unique component to her teaching.  In 2013, Brenda created Women Sing in her Blanco, TX studio, open to women wanting to explore singing for the first time. The group is now performing at public events.  Brenda is no stranger to the Kerrville Folk Festival.  She has been attending since 1991, teaching the KFF voice workshop in 2007 and every year since 2009, hosting YAPI – the Young Artist Performance Incubator since 2013, and her Him & Her duo performed in 2014.  Brenda’s performance history includes 10 full releases, touring the U.S., England and Ireland and her group, Texas Hot Flash, winning an Austin Music Award.


It was not until very recent human history when humans developed the notion that some people are musicians while others are not. Throughout the course of the day, we will travel backward to a time when everyone was a musician. Using what we learn, we can begin to create a culture where everyone IS a musician. And yes, YOU GET TO!

Friday, June 8

9am – Janet Brockman teaches;

You Get To

Note: Each section will include hands on music making.

  • Musical Mindsets

Introductory discussion about cultural mindsets and how they affect our participation in music and our ability to facilitate fulfilling musical expression for our students. 

  • Music Language Basics

This beginner music theory lesson is easy for absolute beginners and will demonstrate to more experienced musicians how to teach an absolute beginner about music using easy bite size pieces, so that they don’t feel blown away.

  • Modes and Moods

Our Music Language Basics lesson will enable us to use modes for easy improvisation and we will also learn how various modes can affect mood, behavior, and sense of well being. Dorain mode, for example, is easy to play and can help one feel courageous. ( like on test day ; )

Afternoon session: 1pm - 4pm

User Friendly Group Improv

  • Elements of music and hands on improv. 

Our afternoon session will consist mostly of hands on music making interspersed with a few short mini lessons introducing elements of music other than notes and chords, such as dynamics, space, listening, rhythm, and feel. (Groove will be covered in the morning session.)

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