The Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation

Our Purpose, our Vision, Our Mission


Our purpose is to educate the public about the benefits and characteristics of folk music. We exist to provide a unique experience in a musical community that is enjoyable and rewarding to the listeners and the performers who share their craft.

Our vision is of a community where songwriters and their craft are treasured and supported and folk music is valued and enjoyed by people of all ages and circumstances.

Our mission is to promote public appreciation and support for songwriters, the songwriting craft, and the gift that folk music offers to the world.

The Kerrville Folk Festival Board of Directors is a dedicated group of members who are passionate about the Festival and the gifts songwriting brings to the world.  On a volunteer basis, these folks dedicate at least one evening a month to a business meeting and many board members take on additional leadership roles to sustain Foundation activities.  When meetings are face-to-face, board members pay all their own expenses.  

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The Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation Staff

The Foundation accomplishes its mission and reaches toward its vision by promoting folk music in its many and varied forms, and by actively supporting songwriting, songwriters and folk music education.

The Foundation provides folk music education for the musician and non-musician community through workshops, seminars, and other educational events.

Many Programs are held during our flagship event, the Kerrville Folk Festival, including:

  • Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Competition (make a link)

  • Songwriters' School (link)

  • Ukulele Workshop (link)

  • Harmonica Workshop (link)

  • Guitar Classes (link)

  • YAPI (Young Artists’ Performance Incubator) (link – later)

  • Professional Development Program for Teachers

  • Campus Songwriters Competition (link – later)

We offer seminars and workshops designed to help songwriters hone their musicianship, songwriting, music skills and techniques; and instruct them in aspects of music business such as production, promotion and law.

 We provide support and create a friendly, sustainable environment for songwriters and musicians to allow them to focus on their craft.

We continue and expand the support of Grassy Hill New Folk Finalists and Winners by providing assistance during their visit to the festival for the competition and by arranging high value performance opportunities during a fall tour for New Folk Winners.

We continue and expand efforts to support house concert series and develop new songwriter performance avenues and venues.

We support and sponsor music events such as International Folk Alliance and Fischer  Fest.

We sponsor and co-sponsor musical and educational events which focus on singer-songwriter development.

We continue and expand the Campus Songwriters Competitions to grow our base within colleges and universities.

We create and support singer/songwriter showcase events and concert series in the local and regional community such as Music at the Mansion.

We educate the general public, particularly underserved audiences such as senior citizens and children, about folk music and the work of singer/songwriters.

We help fund and grow the annual Music Camp for Teens, held each July at Quiet Valley Ranch in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas.

We develop outreach programs to bring songwriters and folk music education programs to local and regional audiences, i.e. schools, hospitals, elder care facilities, community and group events.

We assure the perpetual growth of our flagship Kerrville Folk Festival, its programs and events, as well as other Foundation-sponsored events through effective management of our sources of funding; assure continued growth of the Foundation's home at Quiet Valley Ranch, Kerrville through proper management of financial, human, and ecological resources.


We continue the development of our supporting foundations, as well as our donor and sponsor base, including the administration of KFFF Membership programs, fundraising and pledge campaigns to create a broad base of annual support.

We develop and grow a broad-based Endowment plan supporting the Foundation.

We maintain and use the data base of donors, members, volunteers, and sponsors for notices of fundraising, meetings, news and other efforts and events.

We create and manage fundraising activities consistent with our mission and vision, including ongoing communication with our members, donors and sponsors for donations, targeted program fundraising, and special events.

We continue to attract board and committee members and volunteers dedicated to fulfilling the Foundation's program, administrative and development needs.

We provide effective leadership of the volunteers and staff managing the Ranch infrastructure.