Photo Credit: Laura E. Partain

Photo Credit: Laura E. Partain

Mary Gauthier


"To be affected by these songs, you don't have to know anything of Gauthier's backstory (Louisiana orphan addict chef turned sober troubadour), the respect she commands across gender lines in the Americana scene, or the heavyweight catalog she's built out of unflinching introspection and Southern Gothic-shaded storytelling."  
NPR Music

“...Louisiana-raised Mary Gauthier has become one of Americana music's most admired artists—across the U.S. and in her regular tours around the world.”  
Wall Street Journal

"Every tune is a rough gem of melody, misery and economy, as Gauthier excavates romantic wreckage like an archaeologist telling the story of a fossilized love."
Rolling Stone

“...her razor-sharp eye for detail and her commitment to unsentimental self-reflection puts her in a class with greats such as Kris Kristofferson, John Prine and yes, Bob Dylan.”
Los Angeles Times

“Gauthier’s new album, ‘Trouble & Love’, is one of the wisest testaments of broken-heartedness an Americana singer-songwriter has ever committed to tape.”
CMT Edge